Fried Chicken, oh my!

I had never experienced real fried chicken until I was almost a teenager. That is when I moved from Vermont to Texas and was introduced to the fried chicken (and sweet tea) concept.  I will admit it is one of my favorite ways to have  chicken and the sheer variety found in this book makes […]

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice…

I’ve just received “The New Sugar and Spice” by Samantha Seneviratne and wow!! Her intro immediately grabbed me, I too tend to view baked goods as a representation of love. I love the idea of baking with more spice, I made some cardamom macarons with maple buttercream and they blew my mind. Each chapter is […]

A Broad Range of Recipes

I recently received “The Broad Fork”, a cookbook by Hugh Acheson that primarily focuses on vegetable recipes. More importantly, vegetables that are in season at each time of the year.  If you have ever gone to the grocery store and wondered what you make with the “in season” vegetables, this book is full of inspiration […]

The Library at Mount Char

I am an avid fiction reader. I enjoy fantasy and science fiction most of all, and especially stories that make you think or take you right out of your world and into theirs. The Library at Mount Char is an exceptionally good read. It is thought provoking, makes you care for the characters despite their […]

Infuse with Fun!

I have reviewed “Shake” and now am reviewing “Infuse”. I definitely enjoy that the books use the same “tools”. A muddler, a fun lid for the mason jars, the Mason Tap and Mason Shaker.  They even have a pour lid that fits on mason jars. It really maximizes what mason jars can do, they are […]

Plain ol’ Good Food

A Good Food Day by Marco Canora is a really fun book. I have a tendency to make the same 2 dozen dishes constantly because they are easy and I do not have to reference a cookbook or go buy special ingredients in order to make them.  This book is going to be a fantastic […]

Too Long Tamales

Tamales are one of my favorite foods from my childhood. I remember huge get togethers during the holidays where you had a kitchen full of people making tamales for hours!  As an adult, I still associate making tamales with friends, family, and fun, but also with a lot of work. I’ll admit, no one step […]