C2C Demystified

Fiber art has really exploded in the last 10 years. With this comes a great influx of creativity and people expanding the boundaries of what is possible. Being a prolific and expert knitter/crocheter, I’ve been really impressed with the expansion going on. One particular feature that has been really fun to see is the Corner-2-Corner […]

Power of Plants

The first half of this book really lay out terminology and what all the various words on products mean.  It de-mystifies the list of ingredients on the back label.  They discuss the differences in processing plants (cold-pressed, enfleurage) and even goes in depth about the layers of your skin, what they do, and what you […]

Murder or Magic?

I had seen this book in the new and popular section of my library, so when the opportunity came up to own it for for free, I jumped at it! I found this book to be very interesting.  I didn’t realize that this book was the second one a series, so that was a little […]

Potluck Gold

I love potlucks. I like being able to bring one dish and getting to taste lots of different foods!  I am always afraid of being one of a dozen pasta salads or just having a relative blah dish. This book has saved me from ever having blah potluck food again! This cookbook is really incredible. […]

Comforting Food

This book is a really fun look at asian food in general. The beginning section that covers  the “pantry essentials” is really through. Also enjoy that they have included pictures of many of the basic ingredients. This is great for me because I have seen most of these at my local Vietnamese market, which means […]

Asian Dumplings

I am an avid lover of Dim Sum. My fascination started when my mother took me to try Dim Sum as a child and has only increased with every weekend I make it to a place that serves this delectable array of small morsels.  When I saw this book show up, I made a happy […]

An Evocative Adventure Cookbook

This book is incredible. This is the answer to how to properly cook Chinese food! Now, I’m not naive enough to believe all cooking secrets of an ethnicity can be contained in a mere book, but it definitely does a great job answering some questions I’ve had. The book opens up with several very comprehensive […]