Cute idea, but I’d end up doing things differently!

This book is really fun to look at. The animals are all cute, the hats look like fun, and it is somewhat unique. Many knitted hats for kids involve the kids face being the face of the animal (ie. hat with cat ears).  I like how the books starts with a step by step as […]

Knitting Block by Block

This book was a much wanted redemption for Mrs. Epstein. I reviewed her last book and every item in there was overdone. With this return to a format like her “Knitting On the Edge” and “Knitting Over the Edge” books, she had a winner. The book very neatly goes through several different types of blocks […]

Imaginative Knitting

  I am an obsessive knitter. I have been knitting since college and have been inspired by knitting for many years, even resulting in designing my own patterns for a variety of uses. With that being said, I was over the moon to see a Nicky Epstein book pop up for review. I am familiar […]

Beading Glory

There is nothing quite like imagining a difficult project, then having the actual end result far outdo your expectations.   I got into a beading extravaganza earlier this summer. I wanted bling on everything. Pretty much everything I made for a good 2 months incorporated beads. And not just a few…but hundreds. Now there are two […]


I browse Ravelry pretty obsessively. I like to search, check out what people have made out of various yarns I bought on a whim and haven’t used, and when I’m working on a new pattern, I like to check out that there hasn’t been anything quite like what I”m making.  I like money…almost everyone does. […]

All The Stuffed Animals!!!!!

I tend to make crafting projects in waves. I’ll do several shawls at once, then bead all the projects till I am over it, and my newest trend, stuffed animals. This is completely my LYS’s fault.  We are doing a stuffed animal drive for a local elementary school that helps out homeless children and their […]

On A Mission

        The other day I felt this “cleaning” urge, which really ends up being an organizing and cleaning as I go sorta mood.  I started in my craft room because at least in there it is my own mess. I ran across a box of awesome earrings that I received years ago […]

Exciting Development

So I have totally dropped the ball on actually keeping this blog up. Things are about to change!!! Partly because my ridiculous list of Hulu Plus TV shows are all over for the season and I have little to nothing to watch all summer, and partly because I’ve got some serious incentive now! What incentive […]



This sweater in it’s original incarnation that makes me WANT!

Christmas Goodies

I know that the Holidays are over, but I didn’t get a chance to show off my home-made gifts to my family.  So here is some of the craziness I got myself into! I’m pretty absent minded about taking pictures of things before I give them away so this is just a selection. This is […]