So I received a bounty of ingredients from a friend recently, they work for a kitchen that was closing for a couple of weeks and they cleaned out their walk-in and just gave away the fresh food, as they would be bad before the kitchen reopened. So I am staring at a fridge full of […]

A Pesto By Any Other Name…

This is a really fun and innovative cookbook, but as it is an entire recipe book for “pesto”, you gotta be an adventurous eater. If you have your own garden, even better! This book definitely makes me wish I had a better garden because the sheer amount of fresh herbs and fun that can be […]

Eating From the Ground Up

This delightful cookbook by Alana Chernila is filling an important void in my cookbook library. I have cookbooks with vegetable recipes, cookbooks that use vegetables in interesting ways (dessert, spagetti, breads, etc), but had given away my other cookbook that solely highlights the wonders of vegetables (The Broad Fork by Hugh Atchinson). It went to […]

Thai Drinking Food

This was an intense read. I meant to just browse, but ended up reading most of the book.  Fascinating really. What I learned from my reading is that Thailand’s drinking food is a little intense. While many recipes follow the tenets that drinking food is deep fried, punchy with flavor (salt and spice), and full […]

This Cookbook is the Bombe!

Cherry Bombe is a really fun cookbook. As I was unfamiliar with the entire movement (to my own detriment), I still love it. Having explored a little more about the brand, I appreciate it even more! To those not familiar, it is a pro-female+food movement. Really cool.  This mentality/drive is echoed through every page of […]

Run of the Mill Cookies

This book was a little bit of a letdown for me. I was really hoping for some incredible recipes and completely new ideas. Doesn’t happen in this book. The author does give a lot of time to European cookies that I wasn’t familiar with, but they all had a similar basic cookie profile.   The […]

Innovative Slow Cooking

Everyone has heard of slow cookers. Or depending on your age, the crock pot. They always conjured up images of pot roast, delicious but soft carrots, and the idea that you just cook the heck out of whatever you’ve put in there. Martha Stewart conjures up images of the quintessential homemaker/hostess and then more recently, […]