An Odd One

I just read the novel “The Oddling Prince” by Nancy Springer and overall I was a little disappointed. I read the synopsis and was pretty excited about the story to come. I didn’t really enjoy it. The language of the book felt inconsistent and a little archaic which pulled me out of the fantasy world […]

The Devil of a Duke

The Devil of a Duke by Madeline Hunter was a really fun and engrossing read. I read most of it in a single sitting. I have quite a few of her  books that I enjoy rereading from the early 2000’s.  I am excited to read another one of hers. I realize she’s been producing since […]

Bluntly Just Awesome

I love series. I love how the authors put soo much of themselves and time, effort, blood, sweat, tears, etc. into creating their own universes and then share them with us. I hate series that are never finished or take over a decade or two to finish, especially when books are published years, and years, […]

Eight Simple Rules…

This is a delightful romp through a wonderfully comprehensive fantasy world. “Eight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon” by Kerrelyn Sparks is definitely worth reading. Showcasing Kerrelyn’s spectacular ability to meld aspects of fantasy with a romantic story line that is both believable and fun, I read this book in a single night. I hadn’t […]