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Lady Hotspur

Lady Hotspur by Tessa Graton is a superb read. The author creates a familiar but unique world and then unleashes an epic story within. I really enjoyed this novel. I found it fun, refreshing, and immersive, which is really all I can ask for.  I was really excited that the entire storyline happened in a single book, because one of the biggest trends of modern publishing (last 6-10 years or so) is to make everything a series. Which works if you 1) are popular enough to warrant it, 2) are an established author, or 3) already have the entire thing written but don’t want to publish it at once. Most of the time you get the beginning of a series that is never finished and therefore are left with only part of a story. This book doesn’t do that!! Besides making the right call to put the entire story in a single volume, this story is great! I really enjoyed reading through the various character POV and learning how they think and interact in the story.

Lady Hotspur follows a trio of warriors, Hotspur, Hal, and Banna Mora. These women are knights, princes, and firmly believe standing up for their own beliefs.  Mora is the heir to the throne when Hal Bolingbroke’s mother overthrows the current king and replaces him as queen.  Now Hal, who has always been content to live her own life, has to shoulder a whole new set of responsibilities that thrust her firmly into the limelight and perhaps take on a role she isn’t sure she can do a good job at. Despite the change, Mora is convinced she still is the best choice to rule, even if she has to take the throne by force.  Hotspur is the quintessential knight, allowing her own moral compass to guide her sword and her loyalty. The changing of the ruler stirs up the destiny of the trio, showing up in the prophecies of the stars. As Hal, Hotspur, and Mora go through their own journeys of growth and exploration, their destinies are slowly being revealed.


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