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A Bright Jewel of a Story

I just finished “A Jewel Bright Sea”, by Claire O’Dell. It is coming out in the beginning of September.  An undercover slave, Anna Zhdanov, has to find a stolen artifact quickly and in return will earn her freedom.  However, nothing is as it seems, not even the artifact, and her adventure causes her to land among an unlikely group of allies who are not what they all seem.

The story jumps right in about 1/3 of the way through the plot line, so that at first I thought I had missed something. However, the author does a great job of spinning out the pertinent facts throughout the first section of the book so that the reader is caught up to speed by the time the plot gets going. While it isn’t my favorite way to jump into the story, it is good in this case since the background takes place far away. The reader skips all the tedium writing about travel when nothing happens.

This swashbuckling adventure is rather great! It has a lot of action and several plot twists keep the reader engaged about what is going on and what everyone’s real motives may be. I enjoyed that not even the narrator was free from spilling more secrets and motives that make them part of the uncertainty.

I recommend this book! It was a great, fast read that made me search out more by this author because of how enjoyable her world creating and characters were!

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