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I recently read “Toxic” by Lydia Kang and found it fascinating. The book is mostly told in the first person from the main character’s perspective with occasional parts from the male lead. It starts out a little odd, but as the story progresses, the narrative becomes important and sometime necessary, since the main character spends a lot of time alone.

The story takes place on a living space station that is failing. The main character, Hana, has lived her whole life on this ship, and never met anyone other than her mother and the ship. She’s a secret since she isn’t supposed to exist. The novel opens when she gets up and her mother never shows. She learns the ship has been evacuated and she is now left behind.  A research crew sent by the company who engineered/owns the ship has specific objectives to study and figure out where the ship went wrong and why. This research is a one way trip they are well compensated for.

Once on the ship, they encounter Hana and everyone is on a wild adventure of a lifetime.

I loved the advances in science imagined by this book.  There are a lot of new and neat concepts I’d like to see more of.  They are well fleshed out for what the book actually needed, and was a fun way to see science advance that wasn’t super technology/computer based.

“I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

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