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C2C Demystified

Fiber art has really exploded in the last 10 years. With this comes a great influx of creativity and people expanding the boundaries of what is possible. Being a prolific and expert knitter/crocheter, I’ve been really impressed with the expansion going on. One particular feature that has been really fun to see is the Corner-2-Corner method of making items.  This crochet method essentially gives you the ability to create your item one small block at a time. These blocks are square, which means you can turn images into a fun 8-bit style and make intricate patterns easy. You can use this for everything from adapting cross-stitch patterns to creating your own graphs and images for custom work.

The book “Corner to Corner Crochet” by Jess Coppom does a really good job of taking all the fiddly bits of information about this style of crochet and makes it very easy to read and understand. This is important because while you get some information if you were to buy a pattern or watch a tutorial, this book really goes in depth and explains how to use all the resources at your disposal. In addition, Jess created some really fun and creative projects to try! They range from some small washcloths  to a complex colorwork sweater/poncho combo.  Jess has also done a good job using widely available yarns which make the replication of her projects much easier. It also cuts down on the cost since many of these “big box yarn brands” will have much easier requirements to take care of the item and keeping it look good. Overall I think this book does an excellent job making sure people can figure out the technique and keep up with them as they become seasoned pro’s.

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