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Anita Winds Down

Serpentine by Laurell K. Hamilton.  What can I say about it? It is an excellent book. This is the latest story in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series. This is #26…which just is incredible! It made me think back to how much growth the title character, Anita, has gone through since book 1. This is in part because the book is very introspective. The character is in therapy and working on her impulsiveness, especially her destructive impulsiveness. Since she rarely does anything alone, a lot of her honeys are also in therapy and it is nice because they are all a little damaged (ok, a lot) and they are working on themselves and their relationships. I like that aspect because while most people just think therapy is for huge problems in a relationship, Anita helps to show that it is also a good thing to help you work on yourself, which can really help out your relationships.

I really enjoyed this book because it was a little slower paced and managed to focus on the main set of characters. The premise is that Anita and crew go to Edward/Ted’s wedding. Of course they manage to put their foot right in some supernatural nastiness. Does it ruin the whole wedding? Olaf makes an appearance, we see Micah being less than perfect (finally!), and learn a little more about all the other Horsemen. I admit that Anita really does get a cast of thousands at times, so a smaller locale outside the circus made me a little happier. Overall I now am excited for another one and will go reread at least the last 10 books!

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