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Stygian wait

I was fortunate enough to get to read an excerpt from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s new novel “Stygian”. Like all of her Dark Hunter novels, it completely drew me in from the first page and I completely forgot that it was an excerpt. Now I read the entire thing in a single sitting and when it was abruptly over (end of excerpt) I was a little shocked. Completely my fault though. It was great.

I really enjoy how engrossing Sherrilyn’s novels are. I love the Dark Hunter universe and I have enjoyed that her stories are casting a wider net rather than just humans that become Dark Hunters. She has created an evocative and complex back story that is really fun to read. My favorite part about this book is that is gives us a perspective on character’s we’ve met but never really understood what is going on with them. I like that she doesn’t paint her characters as purely black and white. The shades of grey are where we related (I feel) and she does such an effortless job of getting you to empathize with her characters and you end up falling into her stories. What wonderful rich world(s) she has created, and this new release promises to be more of the same!

I can’t wait for the publish date and now the waiting may be the hardest part!!

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