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The Devil of a Duke

The Devil of a Duke by Madeline Hunter was a really fun and engrossing read. I read most of it in a single sitting. I have quite a few of her  books that I enjoy rereading from the early 2000’s.  I am excited to read another one of hers. I realize she’s been producing since then, but I kinda fell off. I guess I have a lot to catch up on!

As for this novel, the only drawback was I think the male lead kinda just realized his love and went on…usually I love it when they pretty much get hit on the head with it and then have to re-evaluate their views on lots of things about their lives. This character just was like “oh, ok, I love her, that’s neat”. But on the plus side, I feel like this character actually started their own personal journey before this book so his world view was already changing and introducing love wasn’t that far out there for them.

Fun writing and the main character is awfully fun and endearing. I also enjoyed that in the vein of regency romance novels, she wasn’t super traditional. She also has a clan of not quite traditional ladies which makes me enjoy it more. But the fact that her entire worth isn’t tied up with what’s in between her legs or her parentage is a refreshing change.


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