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Power of Plants

The first half of this book really lay out terminology and what all the various words on products mean.  It de-mystifies the list of ingredients on the back label.  They discuss the differences in processing plants (cold-pressed, enfleurage) and even goes in depth about the layers of your skin, what they do, and what you may wish to achieve by making your own beauty products. Their essential oil section is inspired. They go through what part of the plant is used for normal oil production, method of extraction, and therapeutic actions. They cover similar categories for wax, butters, clays, exfoliants, oils, etc. Pretty much a dictionary for anything you’d want to put into your products (that’s natural).

The second half of this book is the recipes. It covers cleansers, masks, scrubs, moisturizers, and treatments. It is a really fun and inspired book that really gives all the information about questions I’ve asked, and then even delves into questions I never thought to ask. The recipes are fun, but I will say this is an educational read and I may never even get into the making! But a fun read.

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