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Improperly Presented

There’s this fun modernization of many “traditional” crafts going on. Knitting/crocheting are getting fun, hip, modern, patterns and are being celebrated on the fashion runway.  Doilies are being used in pottery as accent pieces.  Cross stitch has become subversive.  Haley Pierson Cox has followed in the fun footsteps of “Subversive Cross Stitch” by creating her own book “Improper Cross Stitch”. I can’t really review the book because the publisher decided to only show one out of every 8 or 9 pages. So I can see I am missing most of the book, but have only a few images of finished cross stitch to see how this person designs.  No charts (which really separate out if I want to even buy a cross stitch book) and not even images of each item in the table of contents. So I have a recipe book of pictures. No super useful. As such I can only review the little bit of information I actually received.

The intro and finishing sections were pretty basic and exactly good for a beginner. Otherwise it is the same stuff you find by typing in “cross stitch” in a search engine, but compiled into a book. The images I could see look fun and pertinent, but probably could use a little more finishing to make them really shine and elevate them into a more professional stance. There is a “Cat Lady” image that makes it really hard to tell that they are cats exactly, this would be easily remedied with some back stitching and outlining. But it seems good for a beginner who hasn’t cross stitched before.

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