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A Pesto By Any Other Name…

This is a really fun and innovative cookbook, but as it is an entire recipe book for “pesto”, you gotta be an adventurous eater. If you have your own garden, even better! This book definitely makes me wish I had a better garden because the sheer amount of fresh herbs and fun that can be had with flavor combinations is inspiring!

The recipes are all pretty simple. I would argue that not all of them are “pesto’s”, considering most of them don’t even have basil. There’s a recipe very similar to muhammara, hummus, flavored oils and butters, some that are probably categorized as sauces or salsa’s over being a pesto. But for the sake of the title, sure why not. So you get a lot of variety, most use fresh herbs (which is great because I never know what to do with them all), and while they incorporate a variety of textures and consistencies, they mostly seem really delicious.

The book is well organized. There are a LOT of recipes, most with really great photos. I was getting worried that there would only be recipes of what to make without any good examples of how they are used, because while I like the idea of a Date, Walnut, and Mint Pesto, how am I going to use it? The last part of the book gives various ways to use the pestos made and even includes some desserts.

Overall a solid book that will be more useful in the summer and to incorporate flavor than one would think.

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