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Improperly Presented

There’s this fun modernization of many “traditional” crafts going on. Knitting/crocheting are getting fun, hip, modern, patterns and are being celebrated on the fashion runway.  Doilies are being used in pottery as accent pieces.  Cross stitch has become subversive.  Haley Pierson Cox has followed in the fun footsteps of “Subversive Cross Stitch” by creating her […]

A Pesto By Any Other Name…

This is a really fun and innovative cookbook, but as it is an entire recipe book for “pesto”, you gotta be an adventurous eater. If you have your own garden, even better! This book definitely makes me wish I had a better garden because the sheer amount of fresh herbs and fun that can be […]

Bluntly Just Awesome

I love series. I love how the authors put soo much of themselves and time, effort, blood, sweat, tears, etc. into creating their own universes and then share them with us. I hate series that are never finished or take over a decade or two to finish, especially when books are published years, and years, […]