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The Secret of Flirting

Sabrina Jeffries is one of my go-to romance authors. She does the flirting, romance, sex, and character development in an engrossing and beliveable manner.. This book is no exception!!  “The Secret of Flirting” is part of a series, but as there are really only brief mentions of the previous books in the series, this book (as all her work) really stands alone.

In brief, this book features a stunning actress Monique Servais, who gets the opportunity to play a princess (which isn’t too far off the actual truth) and in return can see her grandmother taken care of. All goes well until Baron Fulkham enters, and their mutual attraction can’t overcome their suspicions of each other’s motives.

This book is in a single word; Enthralling.  There is mystery, there is intrigue, there is romance, seduction, fun characters, and a nicely developed storyline. In particular, I enjoyed that the main character is a strong woman (aren’t they all) who despite getting caught up with the role of a lifetime, isn’t looking for a handout. I mean, we all obviously enjoy a happy ending, but sometimes the fact that a non-widow/virgin = ruined gets old. Not to say it isn’t accurate, but we know we have more worth than that. I like that the fiesty main character manages to be sassy and fiery even when the male counterpart is doing his best to seduce her. Also that she isn’t hiding behind her family, who will stand by her and protect her if she is ruined.

I am not a history buff, but I appreciate the care that Jeffries takes with the actual events of Guy Fawkes Day celebrations and the formation of Belgium. She even goes into detail at the end of the book as to her care on this subject.


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