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Eight Simple Rules…

This is a delightful romp through a wonderfully comprehensive fantasy world. “Eight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon” by Kerrelyn Sparks is definitely worth reading. Showcasing Kerrelyn’s spectacular ability to meld aspects of fantasy with a romantic story line that is both believable and fun, I read this book in a single night. I hadn’t read both stories before it in the Embraced series (which I will not rectify) but enough of the backstory covered in the other two books is introduced so I wasn’t lost as to the progress of the overall storyworld.

Gwennore is one of the Embraced. Born during the time when the twin moons overlap; or embrace; she has been isolated growing up with the rest of the Embraced on the Isle of Mist.  She feels even more isolated because her obvious elf heritage is rare (she’s the only one she’s ever seen/met).  Curious, loyal, and strong, she makes the best of the situation when she finds herself kidnapped and transported to a foreign country.  Despite being constantly distracted by a certain General Silas Dravenko, she uses her special talent of detecting the cause of illness and her hard earned skills of healing to help a country sorely in need.  Add to that the mysterious presence of dragons, and you have a riveting story with several mysteries to solve.

This story is a refreshing addition to the paranormal romance genre. I have noticed a lot of paranormal romance novels have a apocalypse imminent feel to them lately. The storylines (while complete mini arcs) of each book barely push back or stall the “end”. While there are hints of a overall evil, this story really seems to be lighthearted and besides the titillating romance parts, gives us a story of strong women who rally to each other and build each other up.

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