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Thai Drinking Food

This was an intense read. I meant to just browse, but ended up reading most of the book.  Fascinating really.


What I learned from my reading is that Thailand’s drinking food is a little intense. While many recipes follow the tenets that drinking food is deep fried, punchy with flavor (salt and spice), and full of texture, this really takes it to the next level. To be honest, I am a little intimidated by these recipes.  I have a pretty diverse pantry but I had maybe 1 or 2 items per recipe. I learned that galangal is in everything, spice is in everything, and that the Thai food I’ve had may just be highly Americanized Thai (or perhaps I’m not drinking enough). Offal was everywhere.  There were recipes for thing, like deep fried chicken kneecaps. I didn’t know chickens had kneecaps! However, although intimidating to make, I would totally try most of this if it came my way!! The intimidating factor for me doesn’t come out of difficulty, but more about not sure if I’d be doing it right because I have nothing to compare it to. My entire lament about Cajun food (which we will not get into right now).

The recipes are very clear. Directions for everything are included.  There is a whole section on recipes to make that are pantry staples as they are used very extensively throughout the book.  Each recipe comes with a story about how the author first encountered the food, or where it is normally found, all of which adds color to the experience of cooking it!

The pictures are awesome. Overall I want to try some of these recipes and hope for the best! I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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