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This Cookbook is the Bombe!

Cherry Bombe is a really fun cookbook. As I was unfamiliar with the entire movement (to my own detriment), I still love it. Having explored a little more about the brand, I appreciate it even more! To those not familiar, it is a pro-female+food movement. Really cool.  This mentality/drive is echoed through every page of the book. Since women in food are usually relegated to the dessert table or kept to the fringes by mostly couching the cooking in terms of “entertaining” or “for the home”, this is a breath of fresh air.  Not in this book. I now have more restaurants/cookbooks to start investigating because the entire book is incredible.


The cookbook starts with a great bright pink cover featuring, you guessed it, a cherry!  Sections are clearly defined and the recipes in each section are neatly and clearly listed. When the title of the dish is something exotic or in another language, the dish is briefly explained in a sub-title.  Each recipe is accompanied by a short story/bio of the recipe’s author along with a fun anecdote. Ususally these will discuss the author’s background, the inspiration for the recipe, and sometimes a brief pedigree of their job in the “real world”.  I enjoyed this because it gives the recipe a backstory and highlights how diverse the cooking world is and the women who choose to cook. Also really fun because not everyone in the book comes from a culinary background. While it is fun to see one is head chef/development of Momofuku, it is also cool to see another is a model, or another is an editor in fashion.

The pictures are great. Clear, crisp color, great saturation, and an image of the dish without a lot of fru-fru staging (definitely some staging) really gives an air of professionalism along with an approachability that a non-professional chef could also achieve this end.

Oooh, the recipes. Super fun! I had 5 or 6 slated for immediate use. The recipe range covers all over the world plus for many different seasons! There was one for savory oatmeal that I now need to try. I love oatmeal, but I’m not at my best at breakfast. But a savory mushroom oatmeal for dinner may be just what I need one of these winter nights.  The desserts were fun and varied (dessert  being my favorite section), and the soups and salads section had some concepts I’ve never even encountered before.  All in all, a great stand alone cookbook, made even better by the passion and message behind it.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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