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Innovative Slow Cooking

Everyone has heard of slow cookers. Or depending on your age, the crock pot. They always conjured up images of pot roast, delicious but soft carrots, and the idea that you just cook the heck out of whatever you’ve put in there. Martha Stewart conjures up images of the quintessential homemaker/hostess and then more recently, some wonderful orange pajama sets. But put both of these together and voila! They both become more than the sum of their parts!

I present you Martha Stewart’s Slow Cooker cookbook!


The cover is homey and looks delicious. The categories in the book are neat and the list of recipes in each section is straightforward.  The categories really run the gamut, showcasing desserts, breakfasts, and even side dishes. I like this because I always tend to think every part of the meal has to be lumped together and cooked together, which makes it all mushy.  Also breakfast is the one meal I always skip in favor of more sleep, so throwing something in the slow cooker for the morning sounds brilliant, honestly.

I wasn’t prepared to be wowed. But I was.  The dishes are varied, giving us tastes from around the world. There’s an Ethiopian stew, a cardamom spiced rice pudding (yum), and even some korean dishes. This even presents some really cool ways to use the slow cooker. We have the water bath, the steamer, etc.  I think the most inventive use is the recipe “Salt Baked Fish and Potatoes”.   This piques my interest for two reasons: One, it utilizes the heat only, a dry heat in this case, which I find interesting, and two, it discusses salt baked potatoes. I recently read an article about salt potatoes from around the world and realized I probably need these strange things in my life. But boiling potatoes in a brine until the water all evaporates seems like a lot of heat to waste here in Oklahoma summers. This gives me a great option to try this without having to wait for real fall weather to show up (and potentially ruining a pot). Very excited. Give this a try, can’t go wrong for the variety of dishes and ideas.

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”


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