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Summers in Ceylon

I’ve always been fascinated by depictions of Ceylon (Sri Lanka). While being very aware of the sad history of the place, a few of my favorite romance novels happen to take place there. I think there is something about the lush green area that is so different from the usual rainy drudgy British weather depictions that really help enliven the experiences.


A young woman travels to Ceylon to meet her new husband, who owns a tea plantation there. Amidst the new, strange environment, Gwendolyn has a hard time adjusting to a new set of unwritten rules and responsibilities.  Her task in being happy is compounded by a clinging sister in law, Verity, a distant husband, and a lack of friendships  all while dealing with her new pregnancy.  As the questions start piling up for the reader (and Gwen), the story takes a dark turn. Luckily the questions are answered, although everything is not sunshine and roses. However, the end was redeeming enough for me. I appreciated the author’s acknowledgment of the racial tensions and prejudices going on in Ceylon at the time, even if it doesn’t really reflect well upon the British at the time.

This novel is pretty standard for what I expected.  There is a decent amount of intrigue and the author does a good job showing that relationships aren’t happy all the time. While a little dramatic at times (why not!) I found the book interesting enough and enjoyed reading it. Overall I would read another novel from this author.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review

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