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A Coloring Book that Pops!

I just got this amazing coloring book. It is titled ” Pop Manga Coloring Book” by Camilla d’Errico. I didn’t know anything about this artist when getting this book, but her little bio on the back is fascinating. She has partnered with some of my favorite comic companies and comic authors, which means that book is even more perfect for me than I originally thought.


This book is full of incredible images. They are usually a person (or just a face) fused with a variety of objects/animals. The cover image does a good job of hinting of the themes. I already started coloring.  The book also contains images of whole bodies/animals, not just faces.  There are a variety of themes represented, steam-punk, under the sea, woodland creatures, etc. I love the variety. Some are done in thick bold lines, some are done softer, like it is a sketch. Even without being a coloring enthusiast, these are some fun images to have around.

The only downfall I can come up with is that the images are double sided, which means if I want to display anything, gotta pick my favorite or make copies before I color so I can show them off. The pages are good quality paper, I haven’t currently bled through with markers, so let us hope that trend continues. “I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”

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