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A Great Introduction

This book is a really fun read.   The concept of combining the graphic novel interface with the traditional cookbook works really well for this idea.  This cookbook really addresses the basics of Korean cooking. I really enjoyed it because Korean is one of my favorite types of food to eat (by myself or with a group) and I love the concept of banchan.

This book is entirely done in a “comic book” style. This means that every page is covered in color and images. It is very engaging, but I found myself missing the photographs of the items you are making.  The book is neatly arranged, you have the welcoming pantry section that outlines the variety of ingredients/tools that you will use in the book, then a little description of each.  Knowing so little about what I’m looking for in a Korean grocery store, I think I would like some brand names or pictures to help guide me. I know not all brands are created equal, and if I’m looking at buying a huge tub of gouchang paste, I’d like to know if I’m getting a good brand or a flavorless one (this is a common rant of mine for another day, not this book’s fault).

The rest of the book is sectioned out by category of food: Kimchee and Pickles, Seafood, Korean Fusion, etc.  I was enthralled by the Kimchee and Pickles section because I find the kimchee to be really fascinating. I’ve asked several Korean’s I know if they make it, and most of them leave it to their female family members (which means they do not know how it is done).  There are a variety of kimchee recipes discussed here and they all seem to be relatively easy to accomplish. I want to start with them (despite the odd things fermenting food at home can end up like) and then move on to some of the more difficult dishes. I really enjoy that the recipes and ingredients are all mostly fresh and seem to include minimal cook time.  However, some of the more complicated dishes I enjoy eating were not included, so I have to branch out and see what other cookbooks (or the internet in general) can offer.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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