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Rome, Who Knew?

When I first saw this book, my first thought was “Rome, like HBO Rome”, I like that show. This was quickly followed by the thought that my pasta game could use a boost. I have noticed that even when I follow highly reviewed recipes, there is something lackluster about the pasta overall.  So this seemed like a solution to a problem I have.  This cookbook really surpassed my expectations.


The book is a visual feast that really conveys a sense of the average flow and food of the area. The images are crisp, brightly colored, and the subject matter is both delicious (food) and natural (the settings).  The recipes are set up in a way that are both readable and reference-able from across the kitchen. This is important because I like to fly around the kitchen while I cook, so I’m not always married to the cookbook sitting on the counter.  The full page images show the food while not being pretentious, plus you never know when there is a section about culture and traditions of Rome, instead of staying just a cookbook.

The recipes are interesting. Most of them are pretty simple, with a variety of ingredients.  I have a pretty wide knowledge of food, but there are some things in here I’m not sure where to get them. But that is half the fun!!! So once I get them assembled, I am trying them!! Luckily the Carbonara recipe is simple enough, so that may get a go ahead before the rest!

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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