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Fruit is the sweetest!

In the modern day when everything is already packaged and done for you, there is a certain sense of completion in starting from scratch and creating a dessert that is simple but has “wow” factor.  This book is a great way to start those desserts into your rotation.


I am not completely sure that I’d categorize the fruits into the seasons as the author did, but does that really matter? The book is split into seasons when the fruit is best “available” and then breaks it down into recipes by fruit types within each season.  I grew up in the Northeast and was particularly excited to see rhubarb having it’s own section. I remember growing and eating rhubarb as a child, but now living in the midwest, most people may have heard of it, but certainly haven’t ever eaten it.  Plus Yossy includes  recipes other than the ubiquitous “strawberry rhubarb pie”.  The roasted rhubarb pavlova looks amazing and the pistachio pound cake with strawberries in lavender sugar has me rummaging among my baking supplies looking for pistachios.  So may have found my next few desserts. Even better, they are mostly utilizing natural sugars found in fruit for sweetness, you don’t have heaps of sugar added (which I can appreciate).

There are many aspects of this book that make it a wonderful reader as well as a nice cookbook. The storytelling conversational tone of the author’s introduction and asides really set the tone for a comfortable and simple approach to the recipes and let you feel some of the personality that has gone into the book.  The images are stunning (helps most fruits are brightly colored), frequent, and take up an entire page.  Very well presented and has a great heft to the cover.  I am not sure this will even make it to my cookbook bookcase, may need to stay in the kitchen for inspiration and use!


I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review

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