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Lucky Me!

I just received “Lucky Rice” in the mail. An addiction has been born.  I have spent the last few days poring over this wonderful treat. I even took it to work and allowed some of my fellow food adventurers spend time with this tome.  This book is Awesome! Really awesome!  I immediately marked my favorite recipes, put together a shopping list, and made plans to go visit the huge Vietnamese grocery store close to me.  Now that I have all the ingredients, I’m stymied by having to go to work, but I will get to making all the things from this book.


One of my favorite things about this book is the recipes are all relatively easy. Some have many ingredients, but none of the cooking techniques is hard. I also have a copy of “Jade Trees and Phoenix Claws” which does demistify traditional chinese cooking to some extent, but some of the techniques are hard to nail. So far the techniques included in “Lucky Rice” seem to be more in line with the general proficiency of a daily cook.  I enjoy that the names they gave me for certain ingredients, rice wine = shaoxing, was what helped differentiate it from 8 other kinds of rice wine in the store. The recipes also use certain ingredients I had always wondered about, but never knew how to use. Very excited about how fun and simple these seem.  I hope people are ready for recipes like “Tea Smoked Eggs” and ” Bimbimbap”.

The images are bright, clean, and make the food seem more enticing. The categories in the book are fun and keep everything organized while exploring the vast variety of foods found in Asia. The stories are also fun to read, giving a little more context to these recipes. I mean, not everyone is a “No Boundaries” obsessed kind of person (like me).

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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