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The Art of Brodo

I had never heard of Brodo or anything in depth about bone broth before this read. It is very interesting. The author’s passion for bone broths really comes through in this. While it does contain recipes, this book is solid text for at least half the book. Not bad, just unexpected. Marco goes into great detail about bone broths and what he feels are the benefits and different ways to get the most out of using bones.


I really enjoyed the book, but found most of the delving into bone broths not applicable to my life. Add to that the recipes were all for very large volumes, which I don’t have storage room for, and this book was just a fun look into something I can’t really fathom using regularly. The recipes are all just using staggering volumes of bones (which I understand why), but really have to be cut down to a more reasonable volume to try to use.  It just kinda seems to follow this “super healthy” trend that discusses about how with all our technology and advances in food, we need to go back into cracking bones for marrow because they are nutritionally dense. I do not see the utility.

The book was well written, the recipes clear to follow. Just didn’t resonate with me.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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