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Comforting Food

This book is a really fun look at asian food in general. The beginning section that covers  the “pantry essentials” is really through. Also enjoy that they have included pictures of many of the basic ingredients. This is great for me because I have seen most of these at my local Vietnamese market, which means I can actually find these essentials.  There’s nothing worse than seeing “herbs de Provence” in a recipe and then having to go make your own because when do you have that sitting around in your spice cabinet? They also give you pantry levels where you can figure out how intensely you want to go into this recipe book. I am currently between intermediate and  champion.  http://images.randomhouse.com/cover/9780804187794?height=450&alt=no_cover_b4b.gif


The table of contents strongly is reminiscent of a chinese takeout menu (with the border scrolling and the many columns of listings) but in a fun way. This fun take is present throughout the book, with lots of bright pictures and backgrounds that almost make this feel like a 50’s version of a chinese cookbook. But only in the best of ways. Platings are simple, evocative, but you don’t have pomegranate seeds strewn across a white tablecloth (or other ridiculous backgrounds that sometimes pop up).

The recipes look great!! I am especially excited about the cumin lamb. I was just issued a challenge from a friend to make a cumin lamb burger to recreate this dish she had in New York. This book is going to be a helpful addition in that challenge.  They also cover some really fun food present in other Asian countries. Items like Greens with whole garlic (one of my favorite Chinese sides), Kimbap, and Seaweed Salad. Each recipe contains a little blurb at the bottom related to the recipe and is a fun addendum.

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”

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