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Asian Dumplings

I am an avid lover of Dim Sum. My fascination started when my mother took me to try Dim Sum as a child and has only increased with every weekend I make it to a place that serves this delectable array of small morsels.  When I saw this book show up, I made a happy squeal and went through it immediately.  This cookbook does not disappoint. I need to wait for the holiday seasons to be over to  be able to fully dedicate myself to trying the breadth of the recipes inside, but I am very excited about what I’ve read.


This book has a clear and concise layout, with recipes neatly organized into categories. I enjoy the wide variety of options, not just limiting it to a few types. I understand that there could be whole volumes dedicated to the varieties.  I also am excited about the recipes given for the oils and sauces, because that is where the nuances of flavor really step in to elevate a dish.


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