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An Evocative Adventure Cookbook

This book is incredible. This is the answer to how to properly cook Chinese food! Now, I’m not naive enough to believe all cooking secrets of an ethnicity can be contained in a mere book, but it definitely does a great job answering some questions I’ve had. The book opens up with several very comprehensive chapters of herbs, dried ingredients, cooking implements, and even history around the intricacies of what the term “Chinese” even encompasses. Very important information.


Then we look at the actual recipes. The book is divided into chapters based on the type of cooking one wishes to do. This includes Wok cooking, Oil bathing, slow cooking, boiling, steaming, etc. Wow. So much information. I am particularly excited about the plethora of pork belly recipes (which I have in my freezer at all times), and even the unctuous broths that are explained in great detail. I am taking a trip to my local asian grocery store to get all the ingredients I have never known how to use before!

The last aspect of the book that I really love is the images. The pictures are gorgeous, the food displayed elegantly and simply against dark backgrounds. The dishes showcase a few simple ingredients that really shine well. The book even has a red ribbon to keep your place! Some of the more complicated recipes even have pictures supplementing the description of each step, making it even easier to follow an unfamiliar technique.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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