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The Library at Mount Char

I am an avid fiction reader. I enjoy fantasy and science fiction most of all, and especially stories that make you think or take you right out of your world and into theirs. The Library at Mount Char is an exceptionally good read. It is thought provoking, makes you care for the characters despite their flaws, and paints an enthralling reality that is almost like ours.


Where to begin…the novel starts in the middle of the story’s timeline, but manages to draw you in immediately.  I found the main character, Caroline, engaging and the breadcrumbs she drops throughout the first half of the story really keep you reading.

The concept that the book poses about Gods or men and their decisions really fascinated me.  I think throughout the book you can see many facets of this proposition explored.  I particularly enjoy the concept that libraries, or more accurately, the Library,  contains all knowledge necessary to have control.  I have the utmost respect for libraries and knowledge, so to see that as a central theme was gratifying for me.

While the main character is interesting, I find the cast of auxiliary characters also worth their own exploration. Luckily for me the author seems to agree and it is fascinating to see the insights provided for the other members of the story.  The only thing I am curious  about is if there will be another novel. I think the story told was complete and a stand alone, but I would love to see what the main character does next. I feel like she is at the beginning of her journey and there is much more to come for her.

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