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From Her Kitchen to Mine

I have always loved the flavors and stories of food from cultures around the world. I sheer variety that is out there is mind boggling.  The cookbook “In Her Kitchen” pulls together food from around the world with the stories of the women who make them. And who better to teach you how to cook than Grandma’s?


I can’t make up my mind for this to be a book to leave out, or to hoard the recipes for myself! I will probably leave it out and share the recipes with my friends who like experimenting with food from other cultures as well.  With cleanly presented pictures, one depicting the raw ingredients (like the cover shot) and one depicting the finished product, you can see how the dish comes together. Also makes some of the more complicated seeming dishes appear simpler because there really are only a few ingredients. I really appreciate that there are recipes I would be hard pressed to try but am interested in the method of preparation and instruction. This is the kind of anthology that random googling can’t give you. Who would think to look up some of these dishes? I have never heard most of these dishes.

The simplicity of the recipes also helps quell the daunting aspect of cooking like Grandma. I’m sure it is not the fanciest dish these women cook, but it has meaning to them and perhaps falls into the category of comfort foods.    I suppose the only test left is to try cooking something from it!

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”

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