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Cute idea, but I’d end up doing things differently!

This book is really fun to look at. The animals are all cute, the hats look like fun, and it is somewhat unique. Many knitted hats for kids involve the kids face being the face of the animal (ie. hat with cat ears).  I like how the books starts with a step by step as to how the separate pieces work together.
My issues with the book are two fold: 1) when the hats require me to start using felt to create the look, I become quickly uninterested. I think the patterns should all be knit parts, because that is where the skill comes in. 2) Hot gluing with knitting never ends well. I don’t think it is the proper way to treat something wonderful and homemade. It almost makes it absolutely necessary for children because it will not last long. I think the pieces could be easily converted to be sewn on, with detailed instructions on placement.

I do have a friend who really likes the book though, and so I will let her have it because the only hats I will make are the ones that I will sew the pieces on and that isn’t most of the book.  Also do not have any children to knit for. Overall I think there are  better books and patterns for this kind of thing online, but the pictures are adorable, but just doesn’t hit the “fun” spot for me.
“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”

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