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The Door to My Heart

I recently received “The Slanted Door” cookbook. It blew me away.  A long time fan of San Francisco, I’ve spent many summers there exploring the city and enjoying the food. This book really took me back to all those memories. It is littered with stories from the chef and really does a great job capturing the nuances of the city as he experienced them.


First let us explore the book itself. The pages are thick with beautiful pictures of the city and the various locations the restaurant has been in throughout the years. The cover itself is wonderfully done with texture and neutral background that really allow the food to pop! This theme is carried throughout the book, with neutral backgrounds and simple plating really highlighting the color and ingredients of the food.

The recipes are wide-ranging, containing simple recipes like “Spring Rolls with Shrimp or Tofu” to “Rack of Lamb with Tamarind sauce”. Each recipe has an explanation of why the certain flavors go together, or with a fun story about how the dish fits into the menu overall. There are only a few ingredients in the entire book that aren’t available widely.  There is a cocktail section, a dessert section (YUM!), and even an appendix area where recipes for basics are kept.  Incredibly comprehensive.

This is going to be constantly located on my coffee table and my kitchen. Not only will I be making the recipes, but it has inspired me to try putting different flavor profiles together. Definitely a fun addition!

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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