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Too Long Tamales

Tamales are one of my favorite foods from my childhood. I remember huge get togethers during the holidays where you had a kitchen full of people making tamales for hours!  As an adult, I still associate making tamales with friends, family, and fun, but also with a lot of work. I’ll admit, no one step […]

The Door to My Heart

I recently received “The Slanted Door” cookbook. It blew me away.  A long time fan of San Francisco, I’ve spent many summers there exploring the city and enjoying the food. This book really took me back to all those memories. It is littered with stories from the chef and really does a great job capturing […]

City of Stairs

This book is incredible! The story started out a little confusing, for we were introduced to several characters who either didn’t factor in till later, or we changed perspectives without it being explicitly written. But once the story started, WOW!! It was definitely incredible.  The author had a detailed vision they brought to life. The […]