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The Staples of Food!

I am a carnivore at heart, and my cast iron is my best friend in the kitchen. There is nothing I won’t make in it. The cover immediately had my attention (with obvious cast iron slant), but the cookbook also makes judicious use of cast iron and other heavy cookware, which makes this a staple in my kitchen.


The recipes are often made in a single pan (entree and sides) and the fact that this book features complete meals as well as awesome recipes really makes it fun to read and cook from.  ” Pan seared rib eye steak, parsley new potatoes, and green chile mushrooms” is a recipe that immediately caught my eye since I almost always have those three things on hand, but often end up searing onions/mushrooms in a mix to top my steak. This option will be a great go-to for something out of the ordinary.

With various proteins represented, fantastic pictures, and realistic plating shown, this cookbook is very memorable.  I love red meat, but often buy chicken because it is cheaper, and I’m feed 2 men during meals. Red meat isn’t always a viable option when pounds are consumed at each meal.  So this gives me some new options/ways to do chicken, which are always welcome.  The realistic plating is very nice to see, fits with the down to earth tone of the whole book. I do love complicated plating, as I believe one eats with their eyes before they start the meal, but trying to get my protein at the perfect angle is something I don’t often indulge in my real life.  So I like the aspect that these meals are simpler, clean, and then realistic!  I’m destashing my full freezer to try these recipes out.

I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review

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