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Pickling Frenzy!

Asian Pickles large

This book is a delight to have around. The pictures are bright and lively, the photography is wonderfully crisp, and the content is engaging. Even if you never make anything from here (which would be a travesty), it makes a wonderful coffee table book.  This book has been my companion for the last few days, I’ve been taking it everywhere with me and sharing it with others. Every feedback has been positive and I think we’re all going to own a copy before long!  My cravings for pickles and other vinegary foods increases during the summer, so this book has showed up at exactly the right time. The hard part is going to be waiting for the pickles to be ready.

The book is well organized, with each set of recipes grouped into a geographical area. The recipes are well researched, simple, and you are given tons of information about how to use and serve.  I love asian food, but have a hard time recreating some of the side dishes and pickles at home. The wait times on the recipes are not unreasonable.  This is going to help me excel at this aspect of my cooking at home. There are even a few pickles in the book that I have never heard of but now want to taste, such as “Pickled Asian Pear with Lemon”, “Squid Kimchi”, and “Sweet Red Pepper Murabba”.

This has everything I’m looking for in a recipe book. Color, innovation, but not a long list of obscure ingredients that place the final product out of my reach unless I’m willing to do some intensive shopping.  I’m having a pickling party at the end of June so that we all can make some and take some home.

I received this book for free from the publisher’s Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.

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