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Slow Cooking may consume my life

“The Great American Slow Cooker Book” is a life-saver!  I thought I used my slow-cooker a lot before, but now I plan on using it all the time! Slow cooking is a great alternative to having to turn the stove on and cook dinner at the end of the day.  Just come home and dinner is ready.  Having categories like “desserts & party drinks” really opens up my concepts about how to use my slow cooker. I feel like maybe I’ve been under utilizing it this whole time, maybe even my whole life.  I am particularly excited about the Fish & Shellfish recipes because I love eating fish during the summer, but have never even considered using a slow cooker for it.  I have a feeling my stove is going to be jealous!

The easy to follow recipes clearly state how much of each ingredient is needed for each size cooker. Using a shaded table makes it easier to follow your specific size. The testers notes are incredibly useful, giving you advice on ways to make it better or to change the recipe up a bit. I really enjoy this, because when I look at recipes online, I always go to the comments and reviews to be able to see what other people think and have done with the recipe. The Ingredients explained sections help give a little Alton Brown twist to your ingredients, allowing you to learn a little bit more about cooking and the ingredients you use. I think my favorite aspect of the book is the “Serve it up” blurbs found on recipes which offer helpful suggestions about what to serve the items with. Sometimes I end up focusing on the main dish and forget about side dishes until the end. I think this will help me tie my meals together better.

Blogging for Books provided this book to me for free in exchange for an honest review

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