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I browse Ravelry pretty obsessively. I like to search, check out what people have made out of various yarns I bought on a whim and haven’t used, and when I’m working on a new pattern, I like to check out that there hasn’t been anything quite like what I”m making.  I like money…almost everyone does. (Right?)  I feel bad though if I’m charging for a pattern that is almost identical as a free pattern. So then I’ll make it available for free as well. But also, I like to think I’m adding to the overall awesomeness that knitting/crocheting can provide the world, so why not DO something that will enrich it?

Here is my newest project. I’m looking at doing a cowl with a mohair and sock yarn. I’m going to try to juxtapose the light airiness that mohair has with solid bands from the sock yarn. Top row: candidates for the sock yarn portion. Bottom row” various colors of mohair I’d like to use.   So med/large needles, something a little fancy from the sock yarn to border mohair.  Because why not work with mohair in the middle of the summer?

This is my final color  choice. Initially wanted something solid, but this Ella Rae Lace Merino has bits of all the mohair  (Rowan Kidsilk Haze) colors in it, but just a little bolder. May have to make another one with solid mohair and solid fingering weight.

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