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No Longer Black, but Brown

It is a personal triumph of mine that I share with you this day. I think my thumb is no longer black, but merely brown!

Behold! African Violets flowering!!!!

I did it!

Little backstory: My mother has this amazing green thumb. She can grow pansies in the dead of winter (and has them flowering). To those experienced gardeners, this may be nothing. But to me (who kills plants by being in the same room with them) this is completely majestic.  It is a family legend how I can kill plants. It is not by neglect, the plants are watered, fed, sunlighted, and I even do research to figure out how to keep them happy. But they seem to die to spite me. So when I picked up this sad little plant from Walmart it was almost dead anyway. I figured if they croaked I would blame it on Walmart’s sub par care.  So I re-potted the plant, put it in indirect sunlight, fed it fertilizer and watered every once in a while. I did all this without looking at it, in case attention would cause it to spontaneously combust.  2 months later I am rewarded with new healthy leaves and some flowers. I am ecstatic and may consider branching out to grow something else. Eventually.


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