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All The Stuffed Animals!!!!!

I tend to make crafting projects in waves. I’ll do several shawls at once, then bead all the projects till I am over it, and my newest trend, stuffed animals. This is completely my LYS’s fault.  We are doing a stuffed animal drive for a local elementary school that helps out homeless children and their families.  The stuffed animals are for the children, obviously.  I wanted to make something, but nothing conventional was right for me. I didn’t want to do a bunny, monkey, or other four legged animal. Only a sea creature would do. Not sure why, but I imagine any child would love to possess a stuffed sea creature. Or at least the kind of child I would like to give my knitting to would. However, it was not enough that I make a semblance of a sea creature. The animal had to be realistic. It had to pass for a long lost creature of the sea should it ever make it to the salt water abyss. After discarding the idea of a jellyfish (possible choking/strangling hazard), I combed Ravelry to see what I could find. None of the fish were awesome enough (no offense to the creators of the patterns), and I didn’t want to pay for a pattern. After hours of searching, I stumbled across a pattern for a humpback whale! This glorious creature was realistic looking, every row was different, and I even already had yarn for it! This is a win win situation. Picked up the largest bag of polyfill I could find and I was off!  Before I could finish the whale, the shop got an influx of stuffed animals and now I had more inspiration.  On a practical note, I completely over estimated the amount of polyfill my whale would need. Unable to hypothesize when I will next need polyfill,  I am now determined to use up the bag. A bat and a faceless cat later, I still have some.  Here are pics of the craziness!!!

Whales without fins look like some horrible tadpole. Grey: Comfort DK

My eye sewing abilities were taxed! Eyes: Comfort Chunky

He’s pretty cool. Dream in color Classy with cashmere for body, Madeline Tosh Vintage for wings.

When it has a face, it will be full of attitude. Red: I Love This Yarn, White: Classic Elite 150.

A sidenote: I find making all the pieces and then attaching a little tedious, but there is something about seeing it all come together that is satisfying. Also the ability to give your little creatures attitude by skewing something or giving them eyes of different sizes.

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