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On A Mission







The other day I felt this “cleaning” urge, which really ends up being an organizing and cleaning as I go sorta mood.  I started in my craft room because at least in there it is my own mess. I ran across a box of awesome earrings that I received years ago from a very creative friend. They were for putting in local shops, which I made no promises about (which is good cause I still have them all). Since I obviously had failed in the venture, I got them out to look at and immediately wanted to wear several pairs. One in particular caught my eye. They are a very beautiful shade of sea green/blue with white iridescent stones of some sort on them. I ran through my clothes to find what I could match them with and came up blank. But I was now obsessed with that color. I wanted to find something. Luckily this obsession only lasted a few days because I walked into my LYS to work and BAM! there was the Madeline Tosh lace in the exact color I wanted. Hopeful but unsure if I had twisted the color in my mind, I came back the next day armed with the earrings. It matched. Right after my happy dance, I ran to take pictures. So there it is above in all its glory. Now I just need to figure out what I want to make with it so I can wear them together in perfect harmony. Any suggestions? Madeline Tosh lace has 950 yards. Ready, set, go!


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