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Beading Glory

There is nothing quite like imagining a difficult project, then having the actual end result far outdo your expectations.   I got into a beading extravaganza earlier this summer. I wanted bling on everything. Pretty much everything I made for a good 2 months incorporated beads. And not just a few…but hundreds. Now there are two […]


I browse Ravelry pretty obsessively. I like to search, check out what people have made out of various yarns I bought on a whim and haven’t used, and when I’m working on a new pattern, I like to check out that there hasn’t been anything quite like what I”m making.  I like money…almost everyone does. […]

No Longer Black, but Brown

It is a personal triumph of mine that I share with you this day. I think my thumb is no longer black, but merely brown! Behold! African Violets flowering!!!! Little backstory: My mother has this amazing green thumb. She can grow pansies in the dead of winter (and has them flowering). To those experienced gardeners, […]

All The Stuffed Animals!!!!!

I tend to make crafting projects in waves. I’ll do several shawls at once, then bead all the projects till I am over it, and my newest trend, stuffed animals. This is completely my LYS’s fault.  We are doing a stuffed animal drive for a local elementary school that helps out homeless children and their […]

On A Mission

        The other day I felt this “cleaning” urge, which really ends up being an organizing and cleaning as I go sorta mood.  I started in my craft room because at least in there it is my own mess. I ran across a box of awesome earrings that I received years ago […]