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Yearly Goals

This is my goal for the year. To knit all (or most) of the patterns out of this wonderful book. Funny story, I got this book  mainly for the Geodesic cardigan. I have lusted over that pattern since we sold out of that issue of Knitscene at my LYS.


When I saw this book I knew I just had to get it! Too many fantastic patterns.  I have found myself strangely without knitting goals or innovative ideas, and this book just reignited my passion. SO I am going to try to knit all the patterns out of it. Not wanting to start with something too crazy out of the gate, I’m making Pinch Hat, a cute slouchy hat that just begs for a vintage brooch or a crocheted flower!


I am also deciding to go ahead and set myself some other knitting goals pertaining to designing!  I am going to try to knit 6 shawls of my own design this year and at last 2 garments. I’m scared about garments because I don’t relish the math and knitting for several sizes. But I can do it. So I will!

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